Carbon batteries: How to identify carbon batteries, why use carbon batteries?

2020-12-08 09:42

The essential difference between carbon batteries and alkaline batteries is the difference in internal materials. In short, carbon batteries are composed of carbon rods and zinc skins, but there are cadmium and mercury in them. Although they are not conducive to environmental protection, they are cheap, so they still have a place in the market. Alkaline batteries do not contain heavy metal ions and have high current. Conducive to environmental protection is the direction of future battery development.

The structure of alkaline batteries is completely opposite to that of carbon batteries. The center of the battery is the negative electrode, the zinc is in powder form, and the positive area is on the outer layer. It is a mixture of MnO2 and KOH, and the outer shell is a steel cylinder. Alkaline zinc-manganese batteries overcome the shortcomings of short storage time and unstable voltage of carbon batteries, but they are still disposable batteries